Solutions Architect, Enterprise Informatics (EU)

 Schrödinger GmbH  Paris, Mannheim
Schrödinger strives to improve human health and quality of life through development, distribution, and application of advanced computational methods that transform the way scientists design therapeutics and materials.

By building and deploying breakthrough scientific software solutions, providing software and services to our clients, and forming collaborations and partnerships, we accelerate research and development activities, reduce costs, and make novel discoveries that might otherwise not be possible.

Activities and responsibilities

Schrödinger, a leader in the field of computational biochemistry, is seeking a Solutions Architect to help support the growing deployment environment for LiveDesign, our next-generation enterprise informatics platform which is used by large pharmaceutical groups, biotechnology companies, and others involved in cutting-edge drug discovery.

As a Solutions Architect with our Enterprise Informatics group, you’ll be responsible for the successful deployment, customization, and support of LiveDesign, addressing the needs of our small and big pharmaceutical/biotech customers.

This job will ideally be performed from the Paris area, but can be located anywhere in France, Germany, or the UK given a highly competitive candidate.

What you’ll do:
  • Work in small, cross-disciplinary teams to construct, customize, test, and maintain enterprise chemical informatics systems using web and cloud tech stacks
  • Collaborate across the team to scope, plan, complete, and deliver software solutions deployments in support of our customers
  • Serve as a source of knowledge and training for end-users of the systems you manage
  • Interface with Scientists, Engineers, and Product Managers to solve business and technical problems
  • Translate user needs into actionable tickets for Engineers and Product Managers

Qualification profile

Who will love this job:
  • A scientific data ETL expert
  • A web and cloud technology professional
  • An experienced Linux systems administrator
  • A student of Chemistry
  • A detail-oriented, self-motivated polymath
  • Someone who cares deeply about improving human health
  • A great team player with excellent communication skills
What you should have:
  • Demonstrated ability to code in a modern language like Python
  • Hands-on cloud and container technologies experience
  • Strong command over Linux internals
  • Familiarity with SQL
  • Fluency in English
Bonus points for:
  • Graduate-level Chemistry experience
  • Enterprise Cheminformatics implementations
  • Advanced Linux systems administration, Docker, Kubernetes, and/or AWS/GCP experience

We offer

As an equal opportunity employer, Schrödinger hires outstanding individuals into every position in the company. People who work with us have a high degree of engagement, a commitment to working effectively in teams, and a passion for the company’s mission. We place the highest value on creating a safe environment where our employees can grow and contribute, and refuse to discriminate on the basis of such identifiers as race, color, gender, religion or belief, disability, age, or sexual orientation, for example. To us, “diversity” isn’t just a buzzword, but an important element of our core principles and key business practices. We believe that diverse companies innovate better and think more creatively than homogenous ones because they take into account a wide range of viewpoints. Greater diversity doesn’t just mean better headlines or public images—it means increased adaptability and profitability.

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Schrödinger is a leading provider of advanced molecular simulations and enterprise software solutions that accelerate and increase the efficiency of drug discovery and materials design. Schrödinger has a growing pipeline of early-stage assets and has co-founded leading biotech companies, including Nimbus Therapeutics and Morphic Therapeutic. In addition, the company has deep partnerships and...
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