Research fellow / PhD position in experimental physics on atom chip technology for quantum sensing (m/w/d)

Research at the Institute of Quantum Optics focuses on highly controlled interaction of light and matter. Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) open up fascinating perspectives for quantum sensors. Thanks to the atom chip technology, our group has already miniaturised laboratory-filling apparatuses for the generation of BECs, so that experiments with BECs can now be carried out in the Bremen drop tower or on sounding rocket missions in space.

Activities and responsibilities

In order to further develop the atom chip technology, new methods and concepts for more efficient capture and cooling of atoms as well as for faster generation of BECs in more compact and drastically reduced apparatuses are being developed in a test setup. This work is aimed at simplifying the use of atomic optical systems for satellite missions, but also for terrestrial applications such as gravimetry or navigation.

Qualification profile

A completed scientific university degree in physics or equivalent related disciplines is a prerequisite for the application. Good knowledge of atom and quantum optics is recommended and excellent academic performance is expected. Experience in laser physics, electronics, programming, and/or gravitational physics is helpful, but not mandatory.


Based on the QUEST Leibniz Research School and the current QuantumFrontiers Cluster of Excellence, we offer outstanding research opportunities with a variety of national and international collaborations.

As an equal opportunities employer, Leibniz University Hannover intends to promote women and men. For this reason, suitably qualified women are specifically invited to apply. Preference will be given to equally qualified applicants with disabilities.

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