PhD position in biophysics: Single Molecule Study of Chaperone Function

We are looking for highly motivated doctoral candidates who are interested in multidisciplinary research and want to join our collaborative network of nanoscientists.
All positions offer excellent re­search and training conditions within the stimulating scientific environment of the Center for NanoScience, the Collaborative Research Center SFB863 "Forces in Biomolecular Systems", the Collaborative Research Center SFB1032 "Nanoagents" and the Collaborative Research Center TRR235 "Emergence of Life" .
This project "Single Molecule Study of Chaperone Function" is offered by Prof. Matthias Rief (TUM).

Activities and responsibilities

In this project you will study the function of chaperone molecules on the single molecule level using optical tweezers, fluorescence microscopy and microfluidic approaches. You will prepare proteins and study them using those biophysical methods. The overall goal is to unravel how chaperones help proteins to fold properly and how their function is coupled to ATP hydrolysis.

Qualification profile

A background in biophysics/biochemistry is required. Depending on your specific background the work will be more biochemical or physical. However, you should be willing to learn and adopt new methods and like work in an interdisciplinary environment.


TV-L 75% E13 length of contract 1 + 2 years

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