PhD position in biophysics: Unraveling the Mechano-Regulation of Von Willebrand Factor

We are looking for highly motivated doctoral candidates who are interested in multidisciplinary research and want to join our collaborative network of nanoscientists.
All positions offer excellent re­search and training conditions within the stimulating scientific environment of the Center for NanoScience, the Collaborative Research Center SFB863 "Forces in Biomolecular Systems", the Collaborative Research Center SFB1032 "Nanoagents" and the Collaborative Research Center TRR235 "Emergence of Life" .
This project "Unraveling the Mechano-Regulation of Von Willebrand Factor" is offered by Dr. Martin Benoit (LMU München).

Activities and responsibilities

Von Willebrand Factor (VWF) is the largest vascular glycoprotein and senses hydrodynamic forces in the bloodstream. VWF responds to elevated forces with abrupt elongation and presents adhesive sites to platelets and collagen.
By single molecule techniques as magnetic tweezers and AFM force spectroscopy and by structural biology approaches as SAXS and X-ray crystallography but in particular by AFM imaging we aim to decipher this mechano-regulation of VWF from a structural point of view in the interplay of an interdisciplinary network of medical researchers and theoreticians. 
We offer a graduate student position involving AFM imaging and force spectroscopy to study the forces and structures facilitating VWF’s ability to sense and react to hydrodynamic shear force anomalies. Our candidate optionally will be embedded in the Center for Nanoscience graduate program.

Qualification profile

Highly motivated candidates with a master's degree (or equivalent) in physics, chemistry, or molecular biology are invited to apply.


The contract will initially be for 3 years with the possibility for further extension. Salary is in accordance with the German public service salary scale 75% TV-L 13.

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