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Physicist for PhD Position in Hybrid Optoelectronics

The group of Prof. Dr. Dieter Neher at the University of Potsdam, Germany, invites applications for a PhD position in the area of Hybrid Optoelectronics

Charge Transfer Processes at Hybrid Interfaces: Transparent metal oxides (TMOs) are becoming increasingly important as charge selective electrodes in hybrid optoelectronic devices. The physical picture of charge injection across the interface between a TMO layer and an organic semiconductor is, however, still incomplete. This project focusses on a conclusive, possibly quantitative, understanding of the transfer of charge carriers across hybrid interfaces. By performing a combined experimental and theoretical study on hybrid systems with well-defined morphology and energetics, conditions will be identified which allow Ohmic charge injection across the inorganic-organic interface. By employing these electronic-grade interfaces in hybrid LEDs or solar cells, the project finally aims at the understanding of the crucial effect of contact properties on the performance of hybrid optoelectronic devices such as LEDs or hybrid perovskite solar cells.

The position will be funded by the Collaborative Research Center Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Systems for Opto-Electronics (HIOS). This center comprises more than twenty groups at four universities and several extramural institutions in the Potsdam-Berlin area, renowned for their outstanding work on the design, realization, and understanding of hybrid optoelectronic systems.

The successful candidates are motivated and skilled researchers with a Master degree or Diploma in Physics or Chemical Physics. In particular, we are looking for individuals with a strong background in organic semiconductors physics, and with experience in the fabrication and characterization of organic or hybrid devices. As the work will also comprise numerical modeling, programming skills are highly appreciated.

How to apply:
Send application to
Prof. Dr. Dieter Neher
Institut für Physik und Astronomie
Universität Potsdam
Karl-Liebknecht Straße 24-25
14476 Potsdam-Golm
Tel. +49-331-977-1265
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About Universität Potsdam

Professur für Physik weicher Materie am Institut für Physik und Astronomie der Universität Potsdam. Der Fokus der wissenschaftlichen Aktivitäten der Professur liegt auf dem Verständnis dynamischer Prozesse, insb. Dynamik von Anregungen und Ladungen, in komplexen optoelektronischen Systemen. Neben rein organischen Halbleitern stehen dabei hybride Systeme, z.B....

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