The career fair for scientists, physicians, IT specialists & engineers

Career Fair jobvector career day

The career fair jobvector career day for engineers, computer scientists, physicians and natural scientists takes place annually in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich.

  • Companies & organizations from IT, engineering, medicine, pharmaceutical, automotive and many other high-tech industries.
  • Increase your career chances by talks with HR managers.
  • Get valuable information on career entry and career path.
  • Leading companies recruit graduates and applicants with a professional experience in the personal application interview.
  • Top employers hold lectures on application, job & career.
  • Optimize your CV in the specific application portfolio check.
  • Free professional application photos.

jobvector career day in one minute

Top employers

Boehringer Ingelheim
Frankfurt29 June 2017
Location:Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten
Time:09:30 - 17:00

On the jobvector career day you can listen to exciting discussions concerning subjects like how to make the right job choice and other career perspectives.

Time Company / Organisation Speaker Title
09:45 jobvector Tom Wiegand Begrüßung
09:50 Ashfield Healthcare GmbH n.n.
10:10 BioNTech AG n.n.
10:30 IPSEN Pharma GmbH n.n.
10:50 Pause
10:55 KWS Gruppe n.n.
11:15 Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co.KG n.n.
11:40 Basycon Unternehmensberatung GmbH n.n.
12:00 Pause
12:30 Provadis Professionals GmbH n.n.
12:50 Heraeus Holding GmbH n.n.
13:10 Thermo Fisher Scientific n.n.
13:30 Karriereberatungsbüro der Bundeswehr in Frankfurt/Main n.n.
13:50 Pause
13:55 Bristol-Myers Squibb GmbH & Co KgaA n.n.
14:15 MARVECS GmbH n.n.
14:35 AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG n.n.
14:55 Pause
15:00 careforce marketing & sales service GmbH n.n.
15:20 Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH n.n.
15:40 Merck KGaA n.n.
16:00 Pause
16:10 Bewerbungsgespräch LIVE n.n. Ein Bewerber führt ein Bewerbungsgespräch mit einem Personalverantwortlichen
17:00 Ende der Veranstaltung

Be prepared for the jobvector career day! The Event Guide provides important information about company profiles, needed qualifications, subject areas and the program.

On the jobvector career day you have the possibility to participate in a free CV-Check.
In small groups, a specific analysis and optimization of your CV and your cover letter will be made.
The structure of a convincing application folder is explained in order to perfect your documents.

Please bring along your full application documents (examples). If you are interested you can register on-site.
Get a professional application photo - easy, compelling and free. Our professional photographers with many years of experience put you in perspective.

You will receive your photo by e-mail a few days after the event.

Address for your navigation system:

Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten
Palmengartenstraße 11
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Use one of the following offers for arranging carpooling:

By public transport from Frankfurt (Main) main station

Subway (U-Bahn) U4 (direction: Bockenheimer Warte) to station Bockenheimer Warte
from there walk along Bockenheimer Landstrasse to Palmengartenstrasse

Upcoming jobvector career days

Sep 28th, 2017
Nov 17th, 2017
Mar 1st, 2018

Your success at the jobvector career day

Before the fair

  • If you are interested in the application portfolio assessment, arrive on time to get one of the popular spots.
  • View the company profiles and job offers in the event guide and put together an agenda for the fair day: What companies and company presentations can you visit and at what time? What events on the programme do you want to participate in? Allow enough time to do all this.
  • Develop a curriculum vitae or brief profile or update one
  • Develop a curriculum vitae or brief profile or update one Formulate in a few short, concise sentences about yourself: Who am I? What do I want? Where would I like to go? This way the company representative can better and more individually advise you.
  • Prepare an outfit: the best is business attire, as if you were going to a job interview. Avoid backpacks; that doesn’t work with the business look.
  • Subscribe to the JobMail service to stay informed about the latest jobs.

At the fair

  • Arrive on time, plan for traffic jams and train delays.
  • Use the coat check for jackets, bags and cases: just take what you need. As a warm-up: make a tour of the exhibition.
  • Before the interview read the company profile in the event guide as a reminder.
  • At the exhibition stand: start with a short personal introduction and then ask open and honest questions. This way your conversation partner can respond specifically. Indicate that you have informed yourself about the company.
  • Do not end the talk by taking giveaways with you (that can destroy a good impression). After each discussion take note of key phrases as to the process, conversation partner and contact (e.g. on your conversation partner’s business).
  • Do not end the talk by taking giveaways with you (that can destroy a good impression). After each discussion take note of key phrases as to the process, conversation partner and contact (e.g. on your conversation partner’s business).
  • Don’t forget to take breaks, especially before a conversation with a desired employer.
  • Pick up your free copy of the "jobvector Career Trends" at the info counter.
  • Don't miss the LIVE Interview in our Forum.
  • Fill out and submit the Fair Questionnaire at the info counter. This helps jobvector to assess and further increase the quality of the fair.

After the fair

  • Divide the acquired contacts into "for now" and "for later".
  • Reflect on the results of the talks: both about the company and about yourself; you can learn something by doing this.
  • Thank your contacts by email for the good conversation. You could perhaps indicate that you will be applying later.
  • Apply with reference to the discussion on the jobvector career day within the year or later; this indicates your personal commitment and distinguishes you from the crowd of applicants.
  • For your next career step, take note of the date of the next jobvector career days, and recommend the jobvector career day.