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Who we are and what we stand for

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jobvector is the award-winning, specialised online jobboard for engineers, IT specialists, physicians and scientists and has lots of jobs in different professions.

Since 1999, both graduates and industry professionals with many years of professional experience have been finding specialised positions with their employer of choice. In addition, we have been named the best special job portal in Germany several times in a row by applicants and companies.

jobvector is not only a name, but also our goal - to bring engineers, IT specialists, physicians and scientists closer to their career goals.

Career day

jobvector career day

Personal contact is irreplaceable
At the established jobvector career day, applicants meet employers.
The career event for your personal contact with potential employers takes place four times a year.
There you will receive valuable first-hand information for your personal career. You can discover new perspectives for your career in lectures and personal video calls with employers.

The founding members of jobvector

About us

jobvector was founded in 1999 by Dr. Eva Birkmann, Dipl.-Phys. Jochen Riks and Dipl.-Biol. Tom Wiegand MBA in Dusseldorf.
Not only the founding team, but also most jobvector team members have an academic or professional degree in engineering, computer engineering, medicine, or the natural sciences.

Our nearly 70 employees work daily on optimising jobvector to further satisfy the ever-growing number of employers and applicants. We are continuously expanding and looking for new, innovative ideas and smart people.

Hall of Fame

Customers and awards

Dozens of awards accompany our way. We are very happy about this recognition of our implemented ideas. Large studies have asked job seekers and companies for their opinion on jobvector, and the answer has been repeated over the years:

  • Best subject-specific job market
  • Best job market for computer scientists
  • Best job market for engineers
  • Best job market for scientists
  • Best career fair in Germany

But what we value the most is personal direct feedback when we meet, at our career fairs, at conventions and symposiums, in person or on the phone.