Luxembourg Institute of Health

The Luxembourg Institute of Health is a public medical research centre.
Striving for excellence, the researchers of the Luxembourg Institute of Health, by their creativity, enthusiasm and commitment, generate knowledge on disease mechanisms and contribute to the development of new diagnostics, innovative therapies and clinical applications that impact the health of Luxembourgish and European citizens.
The activities of the Luxembourg Institute of Health are deployed in the areas of Oncology , Infection & Immunity and Population Health.
At the forefront of biomedical sciences, the Luxembourg Institute of Health is deeply involved in the development of national and international research programs in the field of personalised medicine.
The Luxembourg Institute of Health catalyses synergies with health sector stakeholders, hospitals and public or private biomedical organisations. Through the transfer of scientific discoveries and technological developments, it generates added value at the societal and economic level. As the first supplier of public health information in Luxembourg, it enables public authorities to make decisions based on scientific data and hence to communicate validated data to international institutions.
The Luxembourg Institute of Health hosts a large number of students , Master trainees as well as PhD candidates, in partnership with the University of Luxembourg and foreign universities. It also hosts early career scientists who specialise in certain areas of scientific research.
With a modern infrastructure, state-of-the-art technologies and a stimulating work environment guaranteeing quality training and supervision, the Luxembourg Institute of Health allows these young scientists to start their career in the best conditions.

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In our company employees are working in the following fields:
Clinical Research, Laboratory Management, Research & Development, Research & Education, Research Associate, Technical Assistance

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Biology & Life Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Medical Engineering, Biotechnology, Human medicine, Healthcare & Public Health


Luxembourg Institute of Health

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